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True Story Of A Mafia Don – Brijesh Singh

Father’s murder changed a bright student into a Mafia Don

Recent killing of Satish Singh, cousin brother of mafia don, Brijesh Singh, in broad daylight has increased fear factor in Purvanchal, eastern U.P. People are worried about the possibility of a gangwar that was last seen in 1980s.

Before this, don’s right hand, Ajay Khalnayak, was also attacked. All fingers are pointing towards Mukhtar Ansari, a rival mafia don, as main conspirator.

Too Many Godfathers

Purvanchal has seen many mafia dons and gang wars. The stories of these dons are nothing less than Bollywood films. In last 3 decades, many bloody gang wars have been fought for supremacy in the region. But main battle started when Brijesh Singh and Mukhtar Ansari started battling for coal tenders.

Another major player in this battle is Munna Bajrangi from Jaunpur, whose gang now operates in whole U.P. Initially he was a contract killer, but later partnered with Ansari.

Bright Student To Dreaded Gangster

In 1984, Ravinder Singh was killed in Varanasi in political rivalary. Ravinder’s son, Brijesh, at that time was in intermediate. His marks in the exam were actually good. Later he joined B.Sc., where he was among the good students.

Brijesh waited for a year for his revenge. In 1985, he executed his plan and killed his father’s assassins and in 1986, killed the five other collaborators. After that, he was arrested for the first time. During that time, he met another mafia don, Tribhuvan Singh. Both combined their forces and prospered in illicit liquor, silk, scrap and coal business.

Being an intelligent person, Brijesh slowly spread his business to faraway places like, Bengal, Mumbai, Bihar, and Orissa. While officially, he was underground.

Mafia Wars

In 1988, Tribhuvan Singh’s father, a constable in U.P. police, was killed by two assailants, including Sadhu Singh. When one of the assailants was killed and fingers pointed towards Brijesh, which started a bloody war between Sadhu Singh.

In 1990, Tribhuvan and Brijesh, dressed as policemen, killed Sadhu Singh, when he came to see his newborn baby and wife in a hospital. It was a daring attack and made headlines in whole state. Later, Ansari took over rest of the Sadhu’s gang.

In 1992, Brijesh Singh killed gangster-turned-politician Arun Gawali’s sharp shooter Haldankar, along with two police constables, in Mumbai’s JJ Hospital. Haldankar was reported to be behind killing of brother-in-law of Dawood Ibrahim (husband of Hasina Parker).

There was no looking back after this incident. He became one of the most dreaded mafia dons in the country. He ruled over many states for many years. He had close connections with many senior political leaders from various parties.

The End

Brijesh’s end came in 2008, when he allegedly was planning to kill Mayawati. He was arrested in Orissa.



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